A guide to Christian
parenting influenced
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An author, blogger, wife, and mother of three. A firm believer in sowing the right seeds in our children and fully equipping them with the right tools (based on Ephesians 6) to face the inevitable challenges that we all face. I am so happy you are here, and I hope you find important resources to help in this journey. God bless!


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My name is Ngozi (meaning Blessing), born in Madison, WI but raised in Nigeria, West Africa where I met my ever loving and supportive husband (Chukwuma) of 13 years. Together, we have three beautiful children…..

About the Book

Sow the right Seeds: A Parent’s perspective

Sow the Right Seeds

A guide to Christian parenting influenced by the authors own upbringing and parenting styles. It elucidates the important role of parents in nurturing the Christian faith of their children, who are beautiful gifts from God…..


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